A Read Aloud Adventure in Five Parts

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An Easy Reader / Early Chapter Book

Misho is a tiny seed with big dreams. In this lavishly illustrated Early Chapter Book for ages 5-9, Misho discovers an exciting and sometimes frightening world on the way to becoming her true self. Set in a remote forest, “Misho of the Mountain” is an adventure full of exploration, friendship, imagination, and the real meaning of success.

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64 pages; ~2000 words
Hardcover, paperback, or e-book

For Parents

Reading “Misho of the Mountain” with your child is a great way to open a dialogue about challenging topics like these:

  • Goal-setting
  • Failure
  • Taking risks
  • Following your dreams
  • The many definitions of success and beauty
  • How to be a good friend
  • The power of accepting help
  • Why people feel like giving up sometimes
  • Accepting limitations
  • Surpassing limitations
  • Things that are out of our control
  • Social pressure
  • The pros and cons of tradition
  • How to persevere when life is hard

More about the Message

Children are faced with daunting expectations and unrealistic standards in mainstream media. Princesses are beautiful; princes are strong; the heroine always wins. But what happens when we don’t win? When life is tough? As children follow Misho on her exciting adventure, they’ll cheer for her when she reaches for the stars, cry for her when obstacles seem insurmountable, and learn that she is wonderful just the way she is.   Read the full description.

We’re breaking children’s book tradition here by adding full color illustrations to almost every page of an Early Chapter book. We believe in the power of words and pictures to tell a story, each enriching the other.  And we know each child learns best in her or his own way.

I love the friendship between Misho and Tomo.

Shannon Whitmore

I read this aloud to my toughest critic–my adult daughter.  She sobbed…

Teri Rider

Illustrator, Teri Rider & Associates

I look back at my life and wonder sometimes how I made it through some of the hard times.  I wish someone had just told me, “It’s going to be okay if you stay focused on what really matters.”  I can give that gift to my grandchildren with Misho.

Diana Diehl

The author, Nidaba Press

A must-read! Misho’s adventure is a great way to prepare your child for their own adventures in life.

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